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Inspiration, Imagination, Stagnation

I have this pattern of behaviour.

I’m inspired: I see something, or think of a new idea, and I’m alive. My mind starts racing and I’m eager to jump in and get started on it. I tend to stop what I’m doing and rush towards that inspiration, leading to…

Wild imagination: I start to think about all the possible outcomes this idea might achieve. I start to jump crucial steps and end up lost in the big picture, unable to journey back to those original steps I need to take. I then lose some motivation, start to imagine how my ideas may fail, and then…

Stagnation: I do nothing; I’d rather do nothing than fail. I start to lose energy and then become self-critical: Matt, you never do anything, you never devote your energy to achieving your ideas. This pattern is habitual and you’ll never break it, you’ll never do anything…

Well this is me, catching the habit, spotting the pattern, and trying to change it.

I feel as though the most constructive part of this cycle to focus on is the transition from inspiration to wild imagination. If I’m able to jot down meaningful first steps, before jumping/leaping ahead, maybe I’ll have some shore footing to return to once my imagination is tamed.

Published on

September 28, 2019